The factors that affect your Internet connection speeds are analogous to the factors that determine how fast you can drive your car! Business is moving at the speed of light, literally!  But to be as competitive as you can be, you have to have the right Internet connections for your business. To understand the reasons why your Internet connection may be slow, it is useful to think of it in terms of trying to maximize your speed while driving (every analogy breaks down eventually, but this one is useful to understand several concepts).  Your ability to drive your car fast is dependent on several factors: Read More →

We all know that technology is critical in today’s business world.  To compete you must have the latest and best technology.  You must be able to communicate, conference, track, measure, and produce using technology. Despite the need for tech that is obvious to almost everyone, we often hear complaints about the costs associated with it.  “I am tired of constantly having to upgrade” or “My IT costs just seem to keep growing” are two comments that we hear a lot.  We also meet a lot of people who have given up on trying to keep up with changing technologies.  They stick with their old technologyRead More →

What if we told you that there is a way to constantly update and maintain your I.T. systems, and provide 24/7, expert, and immediate tech support, for a fraction of what you are currently spending? If you’re tired of tech support, you should be.  It’s expensive.  Not the costs of the support, but the lost hours of productivity while you are involved with it!  And if your company is trying to handle all of it’s tech issues internally, you are definitely losing productivity and you are probably spending too much. If your company is like many small to medium-sized businesses, tech support is something thatRead More →

The latest in data security. We’ve all seen the stories in the news:  Major companies and government agencies getting hacked into!  Millions of people who’s personal information has been compromised.  Companies whose communications and intellectual property have been stolen.  Even international espionage carried out over the Internet!  It’s a shocking reality that we have learned to accept as being a way of life. Many think that only governments and the biggest of companies are at risk.  After all, why would anyone want to hack into my small or medium sized business?  But you might be shocked to learn that the biggest companies are not targetedRead More →

EMC welcomes Network Solutions Int’l to the Velocity Solution Provider Program! Los Angeles, Calif. — January 1, 2012 — Network Solutions Int’l, a leading provider of computer networking soluti0ns, today announced its advancement to the Velocity Solution Provider Affiliate Partner. Network Solutions Int’l, which provides services such as network design and implementation, onsite support services, and IT consulting, has committed substantial resources and established ourselves as an aggressive new partner. The membership in the EMC Partner Program will provide Network Solutions Int’l with resources to help us further focus on building best in class solutions for small and medium sized businesses by featuring EMC’s VNX/VNXe unifiedRead More →

Los Angeles, California. — Dec 20, 2011 – Network Solutions Int’l, a leading provider of computer networking solutions, today announced it has acquired its Cisco Select Certification with a small business specialization. Network Solutions Int’l, which provides services such as network design and implementation, business integration and automation, onsite support services, and IT consulting, has acquired its Cisco Select Certification. The continued training and membership expansion in the Certified Partner Program provides Network Solutions Int’l with the knowledge and resources to help it develop and deploy robust solutions for the Small Business Market segment. “Network Solutions Int’l is extremely pleased with our continued expansion ofRead More →