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We can ensure a successful move, minimizing downtime and lost employee productivity. We can also make sure that your move actually improves your I.T. systems and the way your business operates!

Network Relocation Services
Network Relocation Services

Relocating your network during an office move can be an IT manager’s worst nightmare: It’s complicated, disruptive and expensive. There are many components and it requires extensive project management experience.  On top of all that, most moves happen at night or on weekends.

Considerations to keep in mind are:

  • Timeline for the Project – Most projects are driven by outside timelines which are rarely under your control. Understanding and planning your move with this in clear perspective is imperative.
  • Enhancements – An office move is an opportunity to improve your IT infrastructure, network security and overall IT service management. What are the elements or incremental capabilities that you’ve been seeking?  Will you be changing the space needs by outsourcing to the cloud or otherwise decommissioning some or all of your on-site data center?  What improvements would you like to make to your Internet and wireless services?  Network security and network resources can all be improved through firewall upgrades, server consolidation, virtualization, storage system design, and more.
  • Environmental – Does your new facility have adequate cooling and power? Is your sprinkler system a benefit or a potential cause for total network failure due to a regional fire event in your new space?
  • Physical – Is there adequate server room space as well as rack space? And is the room secure? Planning office space and cabling layouts, as well as incorporating phone, data, and wireless network connectivity is required to accommodate existing and future needs.  What kind of connectivity is needed for voice and data networks, and how should they be segmented?
  • Logistical – What things need to be done ahead of time, such as wiring of the new space?  Which systems need to be moved first and which systems depend on others?

We have both the experience and the expertise to ensure that you have a very successful move!

Regardless of your size, when you need to relocate your IT systems we follow an orderly and proven process that will ensure a successful move. In fact, the earlier IT is involved in the planning process for an office move, the more successful the network relocation will be. In general, this process consists of the following phases and representative activities:

  1. We start by conducting a comprehensive I.T. Assessment of your business, your current networks, and your future plans.
  2. Our trained technical staff visits your new site to conduct a complete IT assessment of the space.
  3. We design your I.T. for the new space, using both the existing technology you own and any upgrades you are hoping to implement.  We then create a complete plan for your relocation.  By planning your move, we minimize unexpected problems and delays.
  4. In the days leading up to the move, we coordinate the wiring of the new space and any other elements that can be put in ahead of time.  This includes ordering any new equipment in a timely manner so that it is available and ready on move day.
  5. We then arrange for transportation services for your automated systems, using both our staff and our trusted partners.  This includes plans to dispose of and donate equipment that is no longer needed.
  6. On moving day(s), our Network Engineers and Project Management staff coordinate all systems transport; automated systems are properly shut down, labeled, tagged and bagged.  Everything is then set up at the new site and old equipment is disposed of.
  7. When it is all in place, we test your systems and make sure everything is working as planned.  We also make sure that everything is clean and orderly.

As stated above, we start every assignment with a comprehensive IT assessment, during which we learn all about your business, both current and future plans.  We also assess the space to which you are moving.

See what we can enable your business to do, schedule a comprehensive IT assessment today!

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