At NSI, we understand how important information technology is to your business. We specialize in providing IT-intensive startup and growth-stage businesses the same level of expertise, strategy, and industry-leading technology that was previously only available to fortune 1000 enterprises and corporations.

Our advantage include designing and implementing customized technology infrastructures to meet each client's unique needs. With offices in California and Utah, we strive to provide comprehensive, user-focused IT support services, bringing a superior level of attention to every job, regardless of size and complexity.

Our experienced and highly skilled team shares a common goal: to ensure that we not only meet our clients' needs and expectations, but we surpassed them. We pride ourselves on creating a collaborative work environment that places our clients at the center of delivering exceptional products & services. Our mission is to provide reliable and robust technology infrastructures that our clients can capitalize on to build and grow their business.

Featured Services

Featured Services

Virtualization and Cloud

Are your servers as flexible and efficient as they could be? If not, you may be losing money and business! A revolution has taken place in the tech world! It is making some companies much more competitive, while others fall behind. Virtualization allows for multiple operating systems, programs, and applications to run on the same server. Massive increases in access to the Internet allow for servers to be located just about anywhere. The net result: Something we call the “Cloud”. We are experts in Virtualization, Cloud Services, Storage Area Networks, Hyper-Converged Server technology, and Data Center Management. Using our expertise, we can help you to

Borderless Architecture

Does Your I.T. Infrastructure Help, or Hinder You? If it does not allow you to work with anyone, anywhere, anytime, on any device, as fast as you need to work, then your effectiveness in a highly competitive marketplace is in jeopardy! We are experts at designing and building I.T. networks that allow our clients to be more competitive.  These days, that means rethinking the way you do business and then supporting your plans with a network that has no limits, or “borders”. Borderless Network Architecture is a term first used by the tech giant, Cisco, that is meant to describe technical architectures that allow organizations

Network Security

How Secure is Your Network? Can you be sure that data breaches will not be an issue? Are you certain that you will never wind up in the news as yet another company that has been hacked? It doesn’t take much these days. Poorly designed networks, lack of firewalls and/or packet capture appliances, lack of physical security, lax internal security procedures, poor or outdated anti-virus software, ineffective spam filters, and much more can all lead to security breaches.  Unfortunately, as cybercrime, which ranges from criminal access to financial accounts, to identity theft, to data theft, to corporate espionage, to vandalism, increases, hackers are growing increasingly

Network Relocation

Need Network Relocation Services? We can ensure a successful move, minimizing downtime and lost employee productivity. We can also make sure that your move actually improves your I.T. systems and the way your business operates! Relocating your network during an office move can be an IT manager’s worst nightmare: It’s complicated, disruptive and expensive. There are many components and it requires extensive project management experience.  On top of all that, most moves happen at night or on weekends. Considerations to keep in mind are: Timeline for the Project – Most projects are driven by outside timelines which are rarely under your control. Understanding and planning

Our unique and unmatched level of service = Your peace of mind.

The greatest compliment we receive is when clients tell us they haven’t thought about their I.T. since our last meeting. This is a great compliment; it means we have achieved our goal. We pride ourselves on providing each client a customized technological infrastructure, complete with seamless integration, management, support and security. White glove service, it’s what we do.

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