I’m Tired of Tech Support: How to make sure everything in the company is working


What if we told you that there is a way to constantly update and maintain your I.T. systems, and provide 24/7, expert, and immediate tech support, for a fraction of what you are currently spending?

If you’re tired of tech support, you should be.  It’s expensive.  Not the costs of the support, but the lost hours of productivity while you are involved with it!  And if your company is trying to handle all of it’s tech issues internally, you are definitely losing productivity and you are probably spending too much.

If your company is like many small to medium-sized businesses, tech support is something that is considered only when there is a problem. Because of this, problems are bigger, take longer to fix, and cost more – more money, more time, more lost productivity.  The approach is not unlike those who only think about the maintenance of their automobile when it breaks down.  By the time the car breaks down, the problems are bigger, take longer to fix, and cost more.

After several costly problems, some companies realize that there is a need for an on-going solution.  Unfortunately, some provide that solution by assigning someone internally with the task of handling tech issues.  In the worst case scenarios, this is someone already on the staff who has another job description, but is “techie” enough to know something about computers. One of the end-points (computers, laptops, phones, etc.) on your network goes down and they are the person that everyone calls.  (Maybe this is you?)  The phones aren’t working today and he/she is the one that is looked at to fix them.  The server is down and they have to figure it out.  Time ticks away while they handle these things rather than their primary responsibilities.

Other times, a full-time or part-time tech is hired to handle all things I.T.  This is very expensive, but it usually works for a while.  Unfortunately, companies grow and it doesn’t take long before this I.T. person is swamped, not making it to every issue that is demanding some of their time.  Employees with tech problems are left twiddling their thumbs until “the I.T. department” can get to them.  Of course, because the in-house tech is so busy, he/she is not typically able to take time out for classes to update his/her technical knowledge.  The net result is that internal “IT guys” often have less expertise and provide support that is slower than what is available.

But there is a better way.  There is a way to minimize tech issues, and do so for a fraction of the cost of trying to handle the issues internally.  At Network Solutions Intl., we specialize in reducing the costs of tech support for our clients.  Here’s how we do it:

  1. We Get to Know Your Business:  We start every assignment by conducting a thorough assessment of your business.  We believe that your business goals should be served by technology, not the other way around.  So we start by understanding how you operate your business and how you earn money.  Once we understand your business, we design systems that are optimal for achieving your business goals.  We then assess all of your current technology to determine the degree to which it matches the ideal.  The fact is that a significant amount of tech frustrations come from systems that are not designed properly for your business.
  1. We Help You Lease, or Subscribe to, New Hardware and Software: A large percentage of tech problems come from hardware and software that is outdated.  Once we have determined the the ideal systems for your business, we determine which arts of the system are older or missing and we procure it, on either a lease or through a subscription.  Leasing, or subscribing, reduces the up-front costs that often prevent people from upgrading, and, more importantly, it also ensures that technology will constantly be upgraded and current (things are upgraded every few years as leases expire).
  1. Perform Constant Maintenance: Just like maintaining your car properly reduces the potential of break-downs, your technology needs to be maintained.  Software updates, security patches, cleaning, and much more needs to be performed on a consistent basis.  We do all of this for you.  In fact, we provide monthly reports detailing all of the work that is done to maintain your systems.  In addition, we monitor your systems 24/7.  Our monitoring software lets us know of potential problems before they become big.  We promptly fix all issues to which we are alerted.  The maintenance we perform and the monitoring and fixing that we do serve to eliminate a very large percentage of the problems that many companies experience.  In fact, it almost removes the need for traditional tech support, but we still provide the best there is.
  1. Provide Immediate, 24/7, Expert Tech Support: If and when there are tech support needs, we provide it almost instantly.  Each device in your company will have a tech support button that opens a chat window, through which there is immediate access to an IT expert.  In addition, each person will be provided a telephone number and an email through which they can contact our tech support team.  Our team is made up of true experts that are based here in North America.  They average dozens of current certifications and know technology inside and out.  They are also very nice, having been selected and trained based on the highest standards of customer service.  Our response time to tech support requests is less than a minute.  Over 90% of the calls are resolved on the first call, within just minutes.  More complicated issues are handled promptly through remote access or by sending one of our techs to physically inspect, fix, or replace faulty hardware or software.

The bottom-line is that allowing us to take these steps on your behalf virtually ensures that you will not have to think about or deal with tech support issues in the future.

Even more exciting:  The costs of having us handle everything are much lower than trying to do it yourself, especially when you consider the loss of productivity and business that accompanies most tech support issues.

If you are tired of handling tech support issues in your company, call us, or fill out the form to the right.  Let us assess your business and show you the numbers.  We are confident that you will find that hiring us is a very cost effective way to not have to worry about tech support.